Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burried "whale" near Mawrth Vallis

Ok, since we're talking about weird things here: I found this strange, intriguing thing seemingly burried in the ground on an un-named NASA-picture (found in Google Earth) just South-West of Mawrth Vallis. It surely seems like a buried whale skeleton, doesn't it? The "whale" itself is located at: 22.27.15N 18.10.55W

I have no idea if these might be sanddunes or some other type of geological phenomenon. The "skeleton" is about 50 meters in length.

Update: Looking around I found that many of the hills in this region seem to have these tentacle-like features growing radially outward as shown in the two pictures  below. So it's not a burried whale after all!  :)

What they really are though, I don't know... Quite intriguing and almost life-like, isn't it? Click on the pictures for full scale. All pictures are found within 4 km of the proposed "whale".

Here's a larger view of the second tentacle region:

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