Friday, August 13, 2010

Where is Mars 2?

The Mars 2 lander was the first human object ever to land on Mars. However this historic object was lost during a crash and its exact location remains unknown. So I thought I would take a shot at finding it with all the detailed maps we have today.

I found out however, that even the global location of the lander is not agreed upon.
1. According to this website the lander resides here (45S/313W).
2. According to this website the lander resides around here (4N/47W), which is more or less half way around the planet. This last location is also mentioned on the Russian Wikipedia.

This makes is quite hard to search for a lander of course.

Well, I was happily scanning the neighbourhood of location 1 and I got really excited when I looked at a detailed picture of Hellespontus Montes which is about 135 km from the first location. I found this white object which is about 20 m in diameter(you will find it at the top of the dark diagonal mountain-wall). Looks pretty much like a Russian lander-parachute if you're looking for it, doesn't it?

Of course it's a far shot and it takes a lot of wishful thinking to see a parachute in it. The picture is absolutely too vague and it has been adjusted by Google to augment contrast. But still, it would be fantastic if this really is the parachute, wouldn't it?

I hope someone can tell me which of both locations is the right one, because the first human object ever to reach this alien planet is quite something.

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