Friday, January 16, 2009


So, after yesterday's serious posting, today we'll do some true Mulder- and Scully research.

Remember picture PIA10214 with the famous Martian Bigfoot (located at 1 above) on it? Well, forget the Bigfoot and take a look at spot 2. A detailed view is shown below.

What caused the tracks in the martian dust on the solar-panel? Did Nasa use some brush to wipe it off? I don't think so. Rememer, this is Mars, and there is no brush around, nor someone to brush. And the spots are to be found everywhere! Did some kind of Alien Insect take a stroll over our panel? It really seems so, doesn't it?

And if you still have doubts, take a close look at the detail taken from spot 3 of PIA10214.
Hmm? What is this black spot? Someone seems to have erased part of the picture. A part that looks much like an alien that was posing and smiling at our cam. Who has erased this? And why?

Well, to get serious again: As for the blue tracks on the solar panel of spot 2, I have found an explanation at spot 4, shown below.

See all the gravel and small stones on this solar panel? Where the gravel is, no dust can fall. So maybe, there was some gravel lying on the solar panel at spot 2, and while riding around, it has fallen off, leaving the blue marks. As for spot 3, I have no idea! Maybe Mulder knows?

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luciano72942 said...

NASA estimated that their rovers would work for only 90 days and that would be without power because the dust of Mars cover the solar panels. But they are running for years. I believe that Mars inhabitants are cleaning solar panels to help Nasa exploration.